Wednesday, July 9, 2008

temple at night

On August 16th Rob is taking me here (and the rest of this post is pretty cheesy. warning).

This is pretty significant. It marks the completion (and continuation) of goals I've had all my life, to live in a way that would allow me to come here often, to choose to marry someone who had the same goal, and to retain a love and understanding of the significance of the temple in my life.

I often go to the temple at night, and I love to turn around and look at the temple's lights and spire when I leave. It always reminds me of this song that I used to love as a teenager.

Have you seen the temple
On a dark and quiet night?
Have you felt the power
Of it's majesty and light?
It's spires reach up to heaven
It's doors call out to me,
"Come enter in and find the joys
That last eternally."

Just wanted to share.

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Nancy Heiss said...

Steph--I just got your invitation. It's way cute!

My husband brought it to me yesterday, "Oh, by the way, did you see this? It came like, last week sometime..."

He had opened it and put it in a pile of papers that then sat neglected on the couch for who knows how long...

Anyway, it's so cute! I'm so excited for you and sad that I can't be there.

Best of luck!