Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Live without Cable? Yes We Can!

I started to make a comment on Liv's post about her family going without a TV. I thought I'd post instead...

Rob and I decided together that we wouldn't have cable. I was so happy that he was willing to go without - I just know myself too well, that I will sit and watch tv if it's available. I think it's tougher for Rob - he's such a current events type of guy. He's also an internet type of guy, so he gets filled in there (on the latest movies, products, and really geeky stuff like new Mac products, etc.). But it is a sacrifice for him, having to wait until the latest season of 30 Rock was available on Netflix, for example.

We have an actual TV, and still turn in on throughout the week to watch television shows and movies we rent or borrow. Occasionally we watch "real-time" episodes of our favorite shows on the laptop (sometimes in our bed, which feels like a special occassion), and we schedule our workouts to watch The Office and The Hills. The difference is that it's purposeful, and so there's less of it.

Oh, and I don't know why people are worried about not being able to watch the news without cable. We are both avid NPR listeners, so that helps us stay current on local, national, and international news.

Question: What is worse, watching questionable shows like the Hills and 30 Rock because they happen to come on when you're parked in front of the boob-tube for the evening, or because you intentionally schedule time for them in your day? Hmm.

Here are some friends from these shows, by the way:

Moral of this post? There isn't one. I think it would be really difficult to change a cable lifestyle, we had a perfect "jumping off point" when we got married to do it this way. We may have cable in the future. I may have to let Rob have a game system to talk him into keeping it this way. We may get the new Netflix box - or whatever it is - so we can have easier access to what we want to watch (Rob is slowly convincing me that it is not like having cable). In any case, for now, this is how we do.

PS. exciting that 30 Rock comes on right after The Office, but that makes for a really long workout.

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Kendra said...

don't get cable! don't do it! the only show we watch right now is the office and even the last two we've missed (thank goodness for online shows) because we don't even think about turning the tv on. makes for so much more time to get things done, and I can't believe how much trash people waste their time watching!

i say go with netflix and get a wii!:)