Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Rest of Vegas

The pictures from the rest of our trip to Vegas are few and far between. On Tuesday, we decided to get off the strip and we drove out to Red Rocks Canyon.

We did enough hiking to get pictures to prove it, but decided that we weren't as hard core as some of the other hikers that we saw and cut our trip a little short.

While in Vegas, I discovered that there was a Cafe Rio nearby. I haven't had a Cafe Rio pork salad in almost two years (although my Mom makes a good knock off) so I jumped at the chance to go. The trip reminded me of the times that Mike Nations would go 3 times in a week just so he could fill up his punch card.

I was a little excited about going:

Here's where our documentation falls behind. We spent the rest of Tuesday hanging out at the pool, following which we went and saw that movie Duplicity, had a little bit of Yogurtland (which was fun), and went to the Fremont Street Experience (which is kind of just like watching a lame music video on the ceiling).

On Wednesday we finally did something that we spent two days trying to do: eating here. We had the Bobbi and the Capastrami -- both so so good. Remnants of the Capastrami can be seen in the bottom of this photo.

After, we saw Twilight at the $3 theater -- I am so over teen vampires.

The rest of the time was just more eating and walking around the strip. One of my favorite things that we did was seeing these birds with small heads at the Flamingo.

The rest of our trip was filled with three more awesome eats: The Original Thai BBQ, Luv It Frozen Custard, and the Ellis Island Casino.

Mmmmm. Overall we loved the time that we had off, the warm weather, and lots of good food -- what else could you want in a Spring Break?

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Emily said...

Hi Steph! Hope you don't mind me stalking your blog. I just had to tell you how sad I am that I didn't find you on facebook a couple weeks ago before you came to Vegas, because I totally would've crashed your spring break vacay to see you & meet your brand new husband! We live just north of St. George, only about 2 hours from Vegas. Sad! Anyway, so fun to see you online at least. You are gorgeous.

Emily (Nelson)