Friday, June 5, 2009

Dear James (the little one),

We thought that you hid our shoes.

Well, one from each pair.

We looked in the dryer, in the toilet, in the bushes, under the bed, and in the trash can. We accused you and when we interrogated you, you threw a fit. We thought that they were gone for good.

Grandpa found them an hour after we left (not in any of those places) and Grandma mailed them.

We love you.

(Do you forgive us for making you look in bushes for them?)

ps. one day we'll have a toddler too.


monica said...

so then where were they??

stephanie said...

On a shelf above the spot we put them. 5 adults looked for a while, then Rob's dad came home and found them right away! There were coats and other things covering them, so we couldn't see the shoes.