Saturday, November 28, 2009

not sure why we haven't blogged lately

I think we don't blog because we haven't been taking pictures. Really, the last pictures we took were from camping this summer. I think we still do fun things??? Instead of showing pictures from our exciting life, I thought I'd tell you about our favorite shows... and as I thought about that, I realized another theory for not blogging is because we've been watching too much tv.

Really, we watch way less than the average 30 somethings (not something, just 30 - Rob's almost 30 too, ps.). We watch 5 shows..

1. The Office: These days it's pretty bad, but we can't help but be die hard.

2. 30 Rock: Are these characters not the best (2nd best after Arrested Development)!? This show is so ridiculous/fantastic. Example.

3. Top Chef: This has become our new fav reality/competition show. On pins and needles about who is going to win... who could it be!? We love Kevin.

jerk store called:

4. Project Runway: now that the season is over we only have 4 shows that we watch. It wasn't even that great of a season and I'm still sad it's over

Season 6 was this good

5. Friday Night Lights: Ob-sessed.

Team Riggins

Missing from this list:
- Community: didn't like it, wasn't interested
- Glee: wanted to like it, and almost did. plus, it was too sketchy too early on (I watch 30 Rock and Friday Night Lights, so I have no right to say Glee is too sketchy. I get that.)
- everything else. Generally speaking.


monica said...

seriously. modern family
watch it!!

merebuff said...

Team Saracen

my word verification code is "locks" I love it when it's a real word

Shannon said...

stephanie just found your blog through natalie's:

i hope your having a fun vacation, how could you not be? (maybe your back now)?

anyway, love that we are not the only ones that watch friday night lights (i though i'd have to be a closet watcher) :) my brother david has direct tv and gets the season before us. he says this season he loves it.

Fun! :)