Tuesday, December 29, 2009

play with us. literally.

Click here and wait for the game to load. Epcot was pretty cool... more to come.

(the game is only available until jan 5th)


monica said...

how in the WORLD does that work! like how did you get your bodies to jump and dance? like that?
so fun!
i collected 83 rings.

kaitlin said...

nbd i beat monica.
i had 94 rings.

and that was TOO funny.
i was skeptical at first, i'll admit. hah my favorite part was the dance at the end.

photograffiti said...

i replayed and got 97! bet that k farmer!

abigayl said...

I bet all y'alls. 98 rings! What whaaaaat!

PS I like your little dance at the end. and I admit to purposely making you guys run into the ball on the printer thing because it would squish you and make you look funny. tee hee