Sunday, March 21, 2010

while in Southern California

Recently, I've had a few friends move to Southern California. And while I was sad that we didn't get to see all of them on our trip (sorry Emilys), we were lucky enough to travel to San Diego to visit Jenn and Kris. Jenn is one of my best friends from BYU and the sister of Mike, my old roommate.

Jenn has two awesome and beautiful kids, Sam and Lucy. The whole time that we hung out with them, we were really in awe of their parenting style and how they make parenting seem like no big deal -- even though we know that they are such great parents. You know, like letting your kid sit on your lap and watch Bob the Builder.

Here is Kris with Lucy. I like Kris so much. I remember being so happy when I found out that Jenn started dating Kris -- they are such a great fit for one another. And Kris is a Jorgensen, and all Jorgensens are cool...Jenn wasn't cool before, but now she is.

Jenn made us this awesome Italian Wedding Soup with meatballs that she had made the night before. We ate a lot of good things on our trip, but this was probably the best meal that we had.

Here is Steph playing with Sam. This is probably before Sam started throwing things off the balcony. She let him...because Jorgensens are that cool.

Thanks Jenn and Kris for letting us hang out with your family!


Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

we agree that the nations-jorgensen family is pretty fantastic. we might be a little biased, though.

monica said...

rob, you were signed in as stephanie. that confused me at first.

my friend julene's last name is jorgensen. we keep her around too.

Nations said...

I guess I'm still not cool Rob b/c I didn't change my last name to Jorgensen. I'm glad you came anyway though. And I feel flattered that you think we're good parents, I need to hear that more often.

david. said...

i remember when we went down for their wedding. TWO KIDS SINCE THEN!