Saturday, April 3, 2010

San Francisco (Part Two)

On Monday of our trip, Scott and Whitney decided to get all touristy with us and follow us into the city. One of the parts about San Francisco that I love is the amazing public transportation. I really feel like it is relatively easy to get from anywhere to anywhere in a small amount of time. In Seattle, we just have token forms of transportation, like the Monorail. Which is really good if you want to travel from a crappy mall to the space needle. If you want to get from our house to anything interesting in Seattle be prepared to take an 8-hour bus ride.

Anyway, here is us on the L train:
Our object in going into the city was to ride a super-touristy double-decker open top bus. As luck would have it -- it was raining:

The open top was really popular:

To warm up, we had some food at Boudin at Fisherman's wharf, which was pretty good:

After, we walked over to Ghiradelli Square. Which I imagined to be something akin to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory...Wrong. Really beautiful space, but where is all of the chocolate?

The next day, we traveled with Scott into the Mission to grab some burritos at El Farolito's. I am intimidated by the amount of Mexican food that's in the Mission. So luckily, Yelp was around to help us out.

Scott and I had the Super Burritos. Scott of course had to put Tapatio on his (Scott buys Tapatio in mass quantities. I would often come back to my apartment at BYU to find him eating Totino's Pizza's with Tapatio on top).

Here is my Carne Asada (minus Tapatio plus Horchata):

Steph had a Torta, which was unlike any Torta that we have had. It was grilled, like a Panini:

Overall, I would say that the food was really good. Once again Yelp, you rule!

After eating, we checked out some things that were happening in the mission. One place that I wanted to check out was Dave Egger's Pirate Supply Store at 826 Valencia:

The store was a front for a Teen Writing workshop. There were a lot of cool posters and books, and I even got to see Dave Egger's himself hanging around. Overall, I think the project is really cool and would love to do something very similar with media.

Oh, and do you see that big wooden box on the ceiling. While standing underneath it, one of the workers triggered the booby trap and it dropped Mop Tops on me. Those pirate tricksters!

On our way home, I was still feeling adventurous after all of that pirating. We drove up to the top of Twin Peaks and hiked around:

Twin Peaks has a beautiful 360-degree view of the city.

When we returned home, Stephanie was feeling the pirate urge so she decided to turn Jones into a gypsy/pirate baby:

Still more...


Olivia Carter said...

I love San Francisco! I've only been once with Scott's family when we were dating.

They only knew I was an art history major so they took my to a bunch of modern art museums even though they hated them. I basically walked around looking at amazing art while they stood & watched me watching art.

I need to go back.

monica said...

so fun. i want to eat all that food...except not that bread bowl gravy thing...

also, steph i have that mustard cardigan...from target.

that baby looks awfully cute.

monica said...

wait wait, that isnt gravy that is clam chowder i see! huh? well then sign me up captain!

oh and funny about the mops at the pirate shop

Natalie Braithwaite said...

I am so jealous! It looks like you had a blast! Got to love yelp and the BART!