Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vancouver is delicious

I suppose we're like most people - that one of the best things about being on vacation is eating good food. Here's the food we've eaten in Vancouver, and please know that we order one meal and share it!

First, we ate at House of Dosas. We've actually only had a dosa once before this, they're not at every Indian restaurant, but we loved it that first time so when we saw there was an entire house of the stuff, it landed itself right at the top of our itinerary. This dosa was a Chef's Special: potato, masala, and other goodness.
Japadog - a Vancouver must. They now have an actual storefront on the east end of Robson, but food is about 7x better from a cart.
We had the Okonomi (fried cabbage and Bonito flake - flakes of dried fish). Made even better with sweet chili sauce, honey mustard and wasabi mayo.This is still the same day (I feel a little ashamed, but remember the hours of walking and riding bikes??). We ate at Steamrollers, it was probably 9pm. Just about every restaurant was crowded even this late. This town is a-live! I recommend the veggie deluxe, although we got chicken.
Second day: Lunch at Donair King. According to Yelp, this is the best donair place in the city. Check out this link for the difference b/w a donair/doner and a gyro (there isn't one). Except, this place grills the wraps. Smart/delicious!
Dinner was lots and lots of sushi rolls. Just check out that price:
We also ordered (cheap) gyoza, which was uncalled for. One of the 3 rolls that comes in the deal is a tempura-yam roll. If all 22 of the rolls had been this variety, we would have been a-okay. The other rolls were California and tuna, also good. But, oh, that sweet potato!
That was it - and we're probably leaving early tomorrow. We're a little sad about that - we'll have to miss out on eating more cheap+fantastic food.

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