Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Molson, WA

Remember forever ago when we went on that trip to Canada? While we have neglected to post about the last few days of our trip, I wanted to take a moment to share one of the coolest places that we visited: Molson, WA. While settling up for the night in Oroville, WA, we saw a map which listed Molson as a nearby ghost town. We took the 20 minute drive and found a small town of a population of about 50. In the entrance to the town was the ghost town, with several old abandoned buildings that tourists could walk through. But what was even cooler was that the old high school had been turned into a really awesome museum.

Now the museum wasn't really cool because of what was inside it, but more because it was an old high school with many of the classrooms left in tact. It made me nostalgic for a time that I had never been in.


Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

Oh man, I wish I could visit this place! I love this kind of thing. Great photos.

monica said...

i love the photo of the classroom and the one under it. AND the typewriter one. so great. i want the typewriter one as a print.