Friday, September 10, 2010

Science Center

A few weeks ago we had plans to go to the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe. However, it was raining pretty heavily that day, so our plans were dashed. Luckily, Alicia called up and told us that she was going to the Science Center and that she had some extra tickets -- Extra Tickets? Of course we'll go!

The main exhibit was the Circus. That explains these awesome pictures:
Engaging in a strong man exercise:
It was the first trip to the Science Center for Marin and Collin, who tagged along with us. So we had to make a stop in the butterfly thunderdome.

And look how brave Collin is, I mean he is full on touching that cockroach! Too bad the cockroach handler looks very sad about what has been going on in his life.
Thanks Alicia for letting us tag along and saving us from a boring rainy day!


monica said...

oh my! those circus pictures are so great. and the one of nolan and leah is so cute. i wish i could have gone!

Natalie said...

Um, I always forget you guys have a blog, whoops. But that was a fun day! funny old man, that cracked me up. I love the photos of Miss Clara.