Saturday, October 19, 2013

June at 3 months

Our happy baby has returned! Right after her two month update on this blog where I mentioned what an easy baby she is, she developed a sore on her lip that got worse and worse. I didn't know how it would heal since it was constantly being bothered by nursing, spitting up, and her rubbing it with her hands. It was obvious that it was painful for her. Now, finally, about a month after it formed, it has begun to heal. It's now even more apparent how much she was hurting because, now that it's better, she's back to being cheerful pretty much all of the time.

She really is so much fun. She is so easy to get to smile- just smile at her and she returns with the biggest smile of her own! She remains pretty chatty, but mostly with just Rob and I (I can't usually get her to "talk" to anyone else). Speaking of Rob - she loves her daddy! If he's around she just stares and waits for him to look at her, she'll also follow him around the room with her eyes, it's sweet and also comical.

June is still our good sleeper, although wakes up more than I last reported. This is due to falling asleep earlier at night. If we can get her to nap around 7:30-8 for even a half hour then she'll last until 10 or so at night and then only need a feeding once. But, without that nap she's pretty tired by 9pm and then I know she'll be up twice in the night. Oh well, it could be worse.

I think I've figured out that she's not quite the comfort nurser that Henry was. In fact, if she's mad then trying to get her to nurse can often make her even more angry. The other day I accidentally hit her head on something and she was so upset, but would not nurse. After a number of attempts I tried what I know always makes her happy - I took off her diaper. She quickly became happy, talking and smiling. I wonder how not being that into nursing, besides when she's hungry, will play out differently than it did for Henry. It's so funny how much she loves to be without her diaper on. We take it off most nights for the last hour or so that she's awake. The second it comes off she gets super wiggly and begins scooting herself all over. She's at her happiest - she must just love the sense of freedom!

The only other new thing that I can think of her doing this month is that she holds her hands together, like in the picture, and puts them in her mouth. Before now if her hands made it to her mouth it was a sign that she was hungry and now she does it all the time. Oh, and she doesn't hate the car so much. I'd better be careful saying that, because it's a brand new development, but she didn't cry the last few car rides we've been on. It's life changing.

We love our little blue eyed baby girl! Now that she's begun to develop a fun personality, we're anxious for the coming months to see how that continues to develop.

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