Sunday, May 18, 2014

June at 10 months

This month June is moving all around! Just not in the direction she prefers. She can go from sitting position to on her hands and knees to on her belly to pivoting from side to side. Once on her belly she can move backward but not forward, so eventually she gets stuck in a corner somewhere and upset about it. She's just using her arms for all this, not yet her legs. In no time she'll figure it out then we'll really be in trouble.

She has started to point, it's so cute with her little forefinger and thumb too. She'll point to something random and say, "duh, duh." The other day she did that and Henry said, "where's the duck?" It was like their first conversation :)

June has added to her consonant repertoire (her mom's an SLP) this last month but still just reduplicated canonical babbling (again, her mom's an SLP) "nanana" "dadada." She's a riot, talking all the time and laughing a lot, especially when Brother is around. Any time he's talking near her she seems to think it's to her, so she gets excited. She laughs when he or another child cries a little, but when Henry cries a lot (like, throwing a major three-year old fit) she gets really upset and cries hard.

I've mentioned how her hair is blonde and getting blonder, but I don't think I've written about how it's really fuzzy. It's the funnies texture, it changes all the time but she often reminds me of a baby duck with how fuzzy it usually is.

A second tooth has joined her first that came in next month. The first tooth is all the way in, the other is still short. Her little teeth have made her smile even cuter. What isn't cute is that she has started biting me when I nurse her. She does this only during one or two nursing times during the day and after she's nursed for a number of minutes. I don't know if she's communicating that she's done, if she's trying to see what my reaction would be, or if she's just curious about the biting sensation. It's probably a little of all of those. I've tried getting mad at her and she'll be really really sad, crying like I'm not used to seeing her cry. Other times she gets a little smile and does it then has a fake cry if I get mad. I try to just ignore her but she can really hurt me!

She gets "shy" when strangers talk to her and she hides her head/eyes. But not just strangers, she'll do it with Rob and I too. For a baby that's not overly cuddly, these are the only way we get cuddles out of her so it's actually kind of fun. The other day we were at the park and I was wondering why she was being so cuddly with Rob, then I remembered, oh yeah because he's talking to his friend that he ran into there. I came home one evening while everyone was eating dinner and she had no where to hide, but she tried putting her head down on her booster seat tray. She began to cry, I'm assuming because she was a little emotional and had no where to hide into.

Sleep is going pretty well. She started waking up earlier and earlier. When she woke up at 5:15 we knew we had to deal with it. Dealing with it meant letting her cry until a time we're okay with and Rob getting her so she's not getting up just to nurse. For the week and a half she will now sleep in until about 7am. A couple days into finally "sleeping in" her second tooth broke the gum line, so maybe it was teething waking her up?

June is a big eater and has gotten only more picky and more demanding recently. If she sees anyone eating anything, or opening something she thinks is food then she squaks and gets grumpy if you don't share. Especially with water bottles, she loves to take drinks. If she doesn't want the food she's given then it lands on the floor.

That's our funny and adorable little 10 month old June!

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