Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June at 11 months

June in June! I've been waiting for this month to see what it's like to have a baby named after the month we're in. And now I doesn't make a difference.

A day or two after I posted her 10 month update about not crawling - she started crawling. So, she never scooted, army crawled or any other version of a pre-crawl. She just crawled. I forgot how annoying/entertaining it is to have a crawler around the house. It's really funny to me that I lose her ("she was just here, where did she go?") but it's, of course, more work to keep her safe from falling down stairs, off beds, or from accessing choking hazards.

Yes, she's fallen off my bed. And she even fell out of her crib recently (oh, maybe even the day after falling off my bed). So sad. One day she stood up for the first time in her bed and I noted to Rob that it was time to move her mattress down, but that she still wasn't tall enough to fall out, probably. Wrong. The next day during her nap I went in to get her out of bed because she never fell asleep, only cried. When I opened the door she was right there, I hit her! Talk about adding insult to injury: first she climbs/falls out of her crib then her mom hits her in the head with the door. Thank goodness I opened the door slowly. Needless to say, Rob lowered her mattress right then. I still don't understand how our non-climber climbed out (I've never seen her do anything that resembles what she somehow managed in order to get out) nor how she didn't injure herself. I cried when I thought about how scary it must have been for her and how that day could have been much scarier for all of us.

June has turned into a little bit of a drama queen. She too quickly cries when her brother barely hurts her or if she accidentally gets bonked or bumped in anyway (I'm realizing how ironic this is, complaining about her drama when the paragraph above I feel like I neglected her for an actual big accident - maybe I should be a little more sympathetic?). She's gotten a lot more clingy with me just like her brother always has been and in ways she never was before. Tired or sad - she needs me. She has also able to communicate when she does or doesn't want something. If she wants it (usually food, especially a drink) she screams, and if she doesn't want it she'll take it from you then throw it down. Or, in the case of one of us coming near her when she's upset, she bats us away with both arms. I'll be honest, the drama is a little hard to deal with but it's also amusing. If she's especially hard to handle when she's 4, 5 or so on, I'll be able to trace it back to when she was 10-11 months old.

We take June to Seven Peaks water park frequently and she enjoys splashing and crawling around in the shallow part of the kiddie pool. She has been awesome so far at falling asleep at the park, so we're able to be there a few hours during her afternoon nap but she still gets it in. She's gotten quite tan in the sun! Strangers and friends used to comment on her big eyes, now everyone is talking about her dark skin. Her hands and feet are especially dark. Too bad the picture above doesn't show it.

She's got a total of four teeth, I think the last two, those on the top, have come in since the last blog update. Her top teeth are spaced and her buck teeth sure are adorable.

We sure love you June! I can't believe next month you will be one years old!

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