Saturday, October 4, 2008

a post about food

I was very excited about making bread. I made these pumpkin breadsticks, they were good and fun.They went with eggplant lasagna. This was the first meal I made after we got married. See, my face says, "I make delicious food for my family."
Not all my food is delicious, though. Cooking is fun, but it's a new hobby, so I'm still baffled by the fact I can follow a recipe to exactness and it doesn't turn out. Look at this, gross.

We didn't eat the above red curry and bok choy. Not to worry, Rob came home and rescued the meal with his own red curry. I should have known to leave the curry to the master. That's toasted coconut on top, I suggest adding toasted coconut to the top of your red curry!
We love coconut SO much that we even make pancakes with it (when we are copying the menu at the Original Pancake House). I suggest adding toasted coconut to your pancakes! I also suggest mixing up a quick citrus syrup to pour on top. Rob made the pancakes. He's master of those, too.

I don't know why we always want to share with you pictures of the food we make and eat, but we do. We'll probably keep doing it too, so we hope you enjoy!


oliver.and.emily said...

i should just let you know.. the first time i tried to make curry oliver had to come to the rescue.. now i just follow the instructions on the back of the curry paste bottle. lame.

Amy said...

How was the eggplant lasagne? Eggplant scares me....I know I just need to grow up and try it. I love the food pics!!!

Olivia Carter said...

Mmm... That sounds SO good! And I love, love, love curry! Share some recipes, my friend!