Saturday, October 4, 2008

our FHE visitors

And here they are! Alicia and James joined us for Family Night. Rob was in charge of the hymnThe Sandman had the lesson

Alicia and James brought the activity

Dessert was Tim Tams (a favorite from Rob's mission. Buy some.)
And homemade ice cream (thanks to the wedding gift from Alicia)

This is for Alicia and James. Too hard to explain to the rest of you.
I'll just say that Alicia is an excellent guesser.


Kendra said...

for some reason that video is hilarious. i watched it like 13 times, didn't understand what she said but still laughed every time.

jacob said...

I am assuming "sandman" because his lesson put you to sleep. Only asking the question.

rob said...

sandman = spiderman 3. Referring to his t-shirt and his large muscles.

jacob said...

but did his lesson put you to sleep?

stephanie said...

Alicia said, "Energizer Bunny." That's what Rob and James were acting out, and she said it the second they started (I pushed record the second they started).

Their reactions are so funny.

stephanie said...

No, the Sandman's lesson didn't put us to sleep. BUT we were laying on the floor as he gave it, and I imagined Dad yelling at me to sit up and listen

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