Tuesday, February 17, 2009

blush and bashful

This post and it's pictures are two fold: a) to show-off what fun Analise, Genevieve and I had on Valentines Day, and b) to prove to Torsten and Simon that they didn't miss anything fun on Valentines Day.

We baked cupcakes in the shades of pink and pinker.
Then we frosted the cupcakes in shades of pinkest and pinker still. The girls made sure that everyone in their family had at least one cupcake, marking the first letter of their names on the cakes. Other than that, there were lots and lots of hearts.

Analise. Expert piper.

Miss Genevieve. Creative Talent.

Not pictured: James, who head up the operation's Quality Control. Thanks to Rob for keeping him at bay with hours of Raging Rabbits on the Wii.

Thanks girls, I had a very fun (and pink) Valentines Day with you!


James and Alicia said...

It looks like fun, what a great post partom doula you are! Or Auntie I guess.

JRO said...

Torsten says it would have been fun. He doesn't mind a little pink as long as there is sugar in it. And just so you know it's Raving Rabbids. They are not actual rabbits apparently. I see that you were able to do a lot more blogging when you were home alone and Rob was working.