Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hawthorne District

We spent the majority of our Portland Saturday in the Hawthorne District, which is lined by consignment shops and vintage stores. I have some favorite consignment shops in Seattle, and in on Hawthorne they have the same ones, but they are all on the same street! Jenaca and I were in heaven, and Rob went to the record store.

Hawthorne also has waffles! We wanted to go to the Waffle Window while we were in Portland, but we had forgotten to look up the location when we were in the hotel that morning and texting google wasn't effective. When these things happen we throw our heads to the sky and yell, "I need an iPhone!" Luckily, we had remembered to say our prayers and morning and were due for a blessing from heaven. As Jenaca and I left Rob to his records to head to Crossroads (where I would later buy the cutest teal trench coat), we turned the corner to find a happy surprise. The Waffle Window! We skipped back to get Rob and then the three of us shared a chocolate dipped waffle ice cream sandwich (even better than a Smart Cookie) and the daily special which was something about lavender and nectarines and lemon panna cotta. So pretty!

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