Thursday, July 23, 2009

last Portland post

The actual reason we went to Portland was to see Coldplay. The concert was so so good. We sat on the lawn so we had to get to the venue super early to get even remotely close. We waited for a couple hours, and took kissing pictures.

I haven't really listened to Coldplay a lot recently, but I had once vowed that I would see them if they came anywhere close. I don't know why I don't listen to them more - and we have, since the concert - Rob has been playing them a bunch lately. Or maybe it's just because they are still on his iPod from the roadtrip (you know, cramming before the concert). Either way, their concert was as enjoyable as I had heard they would be. We decided that the people who paid $75 for actual seats probably felt like it was totally worth it. Chris Martin (lead singer and Apple's dad) is quite the entertainer, dancing all over the stage, talking to the audience (but not too much). There was confetti, a couple song covers, cool camera and lighting effects. The band even surprised us by popping up in the lawn!!

Jen and Jenaca came too and they probably didn't even see us kiss. While we had to wait for the concert to start we played a little "catch phrase." We are so so good.

Have you ever seen someone eat a green pepper like it was an apple? I promised Jenaca that when I posted a picture of this couple (you can't really see her bf) I would also reference this (I can't find the original - is there an original?).

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Nations said...

Gross guys, enough kissing! And yes, I've seen people eat peppers like apples because I've done it. And I'm totally, totally jealous you got to hang out with Mike Nations b/c he's one of my favorite people on the planet. And so handsome! Glad you're doing well, Jenn.