Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hawaiian baby

Here is how Henry spent most of his time in Hawaii... he is staring at the palm trees. This kid loves to watch the trees and sky. I think that Henry was so happy in Hawaii because we spent so much time outdoors! Even many of the places we ate were outside (this is our first day in Maui, eating at the 808 Deli -yum!)
Not so much of a beach-bum baby. This picture is of the only time we took him swimming in the ocean. He was okay with it, seemed to enjoy the waves on his feet a little, but it's hard to tell. His parents just didn't like it very much - too much sand to deal with if he wasn't going to even enjoy it that much! He did swim at the condo most mornings.
He wore this hat everywhere we went. It was perfect for keeping the sun rays off his head (which we liked) and the sun shine out of his eyes (which he liked). Thanks Lismarie! He has a shirt to match (in pictures below) and the one day he wore them both he got a lot of attention.
This restaurant didn't have space for him other than on the floor. He was not happy about being put in the corner (insert quote from Dirty Dancing here).
And here is another time he wasn't happy. Henry took a lot of naps in the car, and this is right before one of those naps....
... he was made at me for laughing and taking pictures while he was crying...
... starting to be interested in the noise the camera is making...
...All better.
I just love this picture. Henry with his Maui shirt.
Henry says he wants to go back to Hawaii. We're thinking about it.

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Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

hhah, i like the pictures of the transition to crying to distracted happy.

I just want to hold him and kiss him already!

you're not allowed to go to Hawaii again, until you have come to Switzerland.