Sunday, February 19, 2012

snow days

In the middle of January we had a surprise... snow! Historically, I am not. a. fan. of snow. This year was different - I didn't mind it. Maybe even enjoyed it. Probably because I had nowhere to go anyway, so snow didn't make getting places impossible. Rob's school was cancelled for FOUR DAYS! So he got to be home and play with us. I guess that's probably why I didn't mind the snow!

Here are the images from our days in the snow (I am slightly bothered about the fact that all my pictures are different sizes with different editing effects. But I'm getting over it.). We avoided cabin fever by going on walks every day. Here's walk on day one.
Walk on day two.
Walk on day three. We mixed things up a bit here, as you can see.
During one of our walks (day two) we visited my sister, Alicia, who lives about a mile away. The quickest way there is through the woods. How perfect is that - walking through the snowy woods. Look how beautiful.

Alicia walked through the woods to meet us half-way.
We went sledding while we were there.

Down this hill.
Last image - of my boys wearing snow-day-flannel.

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Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

So fun for you guys. What great winter memories. SO cool that you walked through the woods, had you done that before? like how did you know which way to go and such...