Sunday, September 7, 2014

Kids lately.

Here's a little of what we've been up to (mostly I just want a place to document/store these fun photos of my kids!):

Summer is just about over and I'm plenty excited about that! Not because our summer wasn't great, because it was. It was a whole lot of this: (Seven Peaks water park)

I decided not to black out the windows in the kids' new room in our new house. One reason I love it is because if I want, I can take photos of June sleeping - I find this so precious.

Donuts from the BYU creamery. Henry slept in his own bed all night - a real cause for celebration. Celebration = donuts. Also, donuts = messy stroller. (our new house is even closer to campus than our last house, so this walk to the creamery was so quick!)

Henry likes to play games with making faces and usually assigns each of us a face to make or wants us all to make the same face. Since June was already making a sad face (she fell maybe?) we quickly joined in!

Me and my kids on my birthday this week. My door was decorated by my friends, the Farmers, and it was a total front porch party! Henry was pretty excited about it and, in fact, referred to the decorations as a party. When he discovered that I took it down a few days later he yelled to me from the living room, "the party is all gone!" Also, he was pretty confused and bummed that I didn't have an actual party and kind of refused to go to bed the night of my birthday because we hadn't had the party yet.

This isn't about the kids, but I wanted to share pictures of our roses! It's not a source of pride to me yet, as these were all here when we moved in. The bushes need a lot of work, so next summer I can claim some responsibility. I finally counted how many bushes... 28!

My attempt at a bouquet.

June's first time joining brother at the library's story time. I could die from the cuteness of the two of them sitting on this step together (June is in pjs because a miracle happened at our house: June slept in until 8:30 - which was right before we had to leave for my workout which was right before story time:)

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Natalie said...

fun. thanks for sharing all that. i didnt know you had roses, how fun, and pretty. looks like you had a good bday!