Sunday, September 7, 2014

Summer 2014 Seattle trip

We have been looking forward to our summer road trip home since we moved to Provo a year ago! It went like this: We drove up to Boise for a wedding and stayed there a couple days, then I continued on to Seattle with the kids (and my mom and sister, so I didn't do that 8 hr drive by myself!) while Rob returned to Provo for a few more days of summer semester. He flew to be with us after a few days, we spent that first week with my family and our friends. The next week was with Rob's family (and Rob and I even left the kids for two days/one night in Victoria!) and our last week was back on my family's side of the water. On the drive back home we had another layover for another wedding in Boise! Phew - we were definitely ready to be in Provo again by the time it was all over (oh, I didn't mention that we moved five days before this trip!), but we had an AMAZING time while we were there!

We didn't take many pictures because Rob took a ton of video footage and plan on making a video (yay!) so here are the few that I do have and they are kind of a random sampling of what we did. I call this amount of photos "a few" considering we were there for an entire three weeks!

Hanging out at a park in Boise.

Cute Izzy

These reunited cousins are the best of friends (at the Boise temple for Jami's wedding).

At Kirkland Marina Beach. The trip was so great because it was a lot of what we used to do when we lived in the area. These two have been throwing rocks at this beach since they were babies!

June and Griffin win the most hair award out of all the cousins.

 From the front.

The intention was that they would not get wet on this outing... yeah right.

I love her squatting.

More cute sitting positions, which just make her seem so old to me. This is at the Seattle Public Library, it was one of the few "touristy" things we did, but we hadn't been there in years.

June had a tantrum right in the middle of the Red Hall. She was mad at me for not walking with her (while holding her hands... it gets old).

June LOVES to climb so she was in heaven at the Bellevue Square play place.

Also at Belle Square, Henry was introduced to the Lego store! Here he is with his customized mini figures. 

With most Farrar side cousins. This day was glorious: great weather, kids occupied in the sand, and just being together.

Super Henry and his friends Super Lacey and Super Ava.

We did an awesome job babysitting Baby Griffin.

June with her big-girl cousins. They adored her, of course.

Rob loves showing off his Rock Band skillz to his nephews and son. We had a fun night with Rob's side of the family playing in the backyard, roasting hot dogs and s'mores. I loved giving Henry non-stop cousin time!

June loved the sand at Juanita Beach! This was "our" park/beach, we lived just up the road from here. The ever-present water is definitely something I miss living in Utah!

Staying at Alicia's was one of the best parts of our trip. Cousin time is priceless.

Already on our way back home... manicures with the Farmer girls in Boise. Another group of girls enamored with Baby June June.

She sat completely still for her first manicure. So fun - hot pink nails on TAN summer skin!

Stay tuned for Rob's video from our trip!

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