Thursday, January 12, 2012

looking back: Spring Break 2011

Last year we stayed around the area for our joint Spring Break instead of going on a trip like we had for the previous two years (Las Vegas in 2009, San Francisco in 2010). In fact, Rob's family all went to Palm Springs and we didn't even go with them. I can't remember exactly - but I think it was because I was big and pregnant and also because we were starting to practice spending less money (still practicing).

Instead, we decided to spend the week somewhere in the middle between a vacation and a staycation - in Silverdale at Rob's parents' home. It turned out to be really fun. Even though we did activities like:

washing the car
 and prepping baby's cloth diapers
But there were other fun activities. We invited my friend, TaVaun, and her family over for dinner. We made bbq chicken pizza, as we typically do.

Then we went to Port Townsend and Fort Worden. This was my first time at this particular fort. There are a few forts just like this, built to protect the Puget Sound during WWI and II. These forts are really neat places to visit and another thing that makes this area unique (one of my favorite places to bring visitors has always been to Fort Flagler, which is just like this fort).

One thing that is different about Fort Worden from the others is all the historic buildings that are still there. Barracks, officers quarters, blacksmith shop, etc. We couldn't exactly figure out their current uses, but we know that some are used as conference centers and you can even rent out some to stay in.

Rob took some photos around the fort. These forts usually creep me out and because we were the only ones visiting that day, the emptiness made it extra creepy. Oh, and add a drizzly day into the equation and you've got one creeped out Stephanie. It sure is beautiful, though.

(yeah, I didn't join Rob into the fort for these pictures.)
For those of you just tuning in... this is not a current picture! I must have been about 35 weeks pregnant during this trip. In this picture I am checking out the view. The artillery section of the fort is up the hill from the barracks, etc, and there are amazing views of the Puget Sound from up there. I guess there would have to be, seeing as that was the point of having the fort in that location!
I got tired and had to sit. I watched some deer for a while - you can see one not too far.

 It was a great last vacation ("babymoon") before little Henry joined us a month later!

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