Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our holiday.

We did a lot this holiday season - I guess for Henry's sake, even though we are aware of the fact that he didn't know what was going on most of the time.  Here are some pictures of what we did. Mostly they are pictures of Henry being really cute.

Our holiday activities started out in downtown Kirkland with the tree lighting. It's a big tree in a parking lot.
 Next, we saw the Christmas Ship. We went to a nearby beach to watch and hear the carols being sung from the boat.
At the end of the night we discovered that Henry can't resist falling and staying asleep with his snowsuit on. He easily falls asleep in the car (if it's nap or bedtime), but to stay asleep even after the car is turned off. That never happens. Then asleep during the transfer into the house? I mean never.
And the best part... stayed asleep while Rob took him out of the car seat. Rob took advantage of this cuddle time. (he did it again - twice, I think).
Seriously dead to the world. (I think this picture is actually on a different night than the previous two).
There is a botanical garden in a nearby town that has the most amazing Christmas lights - all flowers and other garden-themed shapes. I loved it because it let Henry be right up close to the lights, closer than he gets in a car or when walking around the neighborhood even.
Henry met Santa. We hadn't planned on getting Santa pictures, and we probably won't do it again - but there was a Groupon or something and it wasn't an insane price, as it is without the coupon. The experience was pretty anticlimatic. I don't know if Henry even knew whose lap he was sitting on, actually.
Then, we saw Santa again. The same day, at our ward party. We were happy to see that Henry liked Santa, even while looking at him this time.
Some walks in our neighborhood. That snowsuit really came in handy - we haven't had any snow yet, but I didn't have to feel guilty about having my baby outdoors in the cold for all these activities.
We watched the obligatory movies. It really doesn't feel like Christmas for me until I watch White Christmas. Rob's dad likes to watch it, and the story as I understand it (which may be incorrect) is that it's one of those movies that the dad wants to watch and can occasionally convince the kids to watch with him (for my dad, it's The Third Man. b.o.r.i.n.g.). Then I came into the picture - and it's a movie I love to watch every year, as it's a favorite of everyone in my family. Maybe that's why he approved of me back when Rob and I were dating:) Rob's dad wanted to watch it Thanksgiving night, but it was too early for us to be starting the Christmas Season. So, instead, Rob and I sent an evite to his parents to watch it with us. We thought we were fun and clever. Not sure what they thought.
And this year we also watched Mr. Kruger's Christmas. This moving makes me sad. Old men make me sad. We watched other movies too - but just a small handful: Elf, Home Alone, Miracle on 34th St (both versions). 
We spend Christmas Eve in Silverdale with Rob's family and we went over a day early too. That day we went to the pet store in town. Oh my goodness. I am not a pet person - but I forgot how much of an animal person I am (ie., love animals, but never want to own one). We went for Henry, but I kind of died. A room full of puppies!? What!? Henry enjoyed them, as evidenced by his "heh heh" laugh that he gives to animals and other objects he finds amusing. Well, until the puppy discovered him and jumped up. Then Henry wasn't so sure.
I just saw this picture for the first time. Another picture of Torsten and Henry - the most adorable duo (sorry I used the word "adorable" in a sentence about you, Torsten).
My favorite part of Christmas Eve was playing bingo. It was hilarious - James kept winning and the other kids were getting so frustrated with him and blamed him for cheating, and James (who was not cheating) was just as shocked as everyone else. Even funnier was Simon who couldn't seem to win, even after everyone else won 2-3 times. In the end, I was the only one who never won - but Simon, once he finally won a couple rounds, gave me his prize.
Here is Henry with one of his stocking presents - reunited with Sophie the Giraffe! We lost her a few months back and weren't going to get another one, but then decided, "what the heck, it's Christmas!" Other stocking gifts he got: a cute tshirt, Fantastic Mr. Fox dvd, and a Curious George dress-up doll puzzle thing. Henry didn't open his gifts in the car seat, this was after, if you were wondering.
This is the only picture I took on Christmas Day (Rob just took video of the day - what video? This one.) How cute is this hat that he got from my mom? Of course, it only stays on him for a second before he takes it off (it's his new trick), but that one second is adorable!
And... the last celebration. The day after Christmas we get together because that's when our two other nephews, Aidan and Greyson are in town. They acted out the Nativity. This is probably most typically done on Christmas Eve, but ending Christmas with the story of the birth of Christ was perfect. Henry was a willing Baby Jesus. He loves all his big cousins, so he enjoyed just sitting in the basket and watching them.
Oh yeah, and then we went to the carousel in downtown Seattle - my favorite Christmas tradition! Here are my parents with 6/8 of their grandkids (8 grandkids because the two in bellies count as half, you see.)

And here's the video I mentioned earlier. Beautiful.

Christmas 2011 from rob nyland on Vimeo.


Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

Good job blogging. You won't regret it....even though you were late to bed.

kel said...

Holy cow! Was Sophie missing since that time we babysat?! I swear we didn't steal her, even though she was really cute. ;) I'm glad Henry got her back and am mysteried about where the original went! Sweet post + Happy New Year!