Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Trip to Seaside

During the holiday break, I get the extreme fortune of having 3 weeks off.   Honestly, my job rules and you probably all should be for cutting funding for higher education because no one should have that much time-off (honestly, in my defense, I guess I am not paid for those 3 weeks off.)  Because we had this time off, we decided to take a couple of trips.  On the first week of our break, we headed off with my Mom to Seaside, OR.

Our first stop in town was a small Mexican place that my family has frequented called The Stand.  One thing that we learned at The Stand is that Henry doesn't like spicy food.  We gave him some rice, that was a little spicy and Henry wanted nothing to do with it.  Apparently, Henry also wanted nothing to do with his shirt (or it got all wet, I can't remember).

My dad was able to get us a nice 3-bedroom Condo with this pretty amazing view:

The next morning we took the kiddo and went on a little walk:

 Henry loved seeing the seagulls -- he gave the goofiest laugh whenever he saw them.

Henry spent time later looking out of the window, hoping to see some of those same seagulls flying by.  No such luck.

We took a drive down to Cannon Beach and walked out on the sand.  Stephanie captured this amazing shot:

We enjoyed a trip to one of our favorite lunch spots -- The Pacific Way Cafe.  My mom still laments the loss of their Tuna Melt which used to be on the menu.  The restaurant is very cool.  Definitely feels like you are eating inside of an old house -- but with much better food than you would expect from an old house.

Henry took an evening bath:


The next day we putz around town a little bit.  We hit the arcade where I got to play ski-ball (it was my birthday -- and a birthday deserves a ski-ball game) and Henry got to ride on a real train.  Laid back:

And the obligatory carousel ride:

Overall it was a quick trip to Seaside, but we are wanting to go back soon.  Steph mentioned to me that she had never been there during the summer -- and I guess I haven't been there during the summer in a while.  Maybe we'll have to go next summer (hint hint, family!)

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Natalie said...

I've never been there in the summer either.
Love the one of Henry looking out the window.