Sunday, November 29, 2015

Looking back: My birthday

Two of my past birthdays stand out as my favorites: the first is one I spent in McCall, Idaho with the Farmers and Alicia: jet skiing, scooter riding, a yummy cake and a beautiful lake + a break from being in Provo (those are what I loved about it). The second was the birthday I spent on Maui (not bad, I know): beach, Tommy Bahama, a pool-side massage. But now I've added a new favorite birthday to my short list, my most recent birthday spent in Washington. It was quite simple compared to the other two but it was with my some of my favorite Littles: my kids and the Quigley kids. The excitement the kids had for celebrating my birthday was what made it so great!

Alicia even hung her family birthday banner, an honor.

My "cake" was a collection of donuts from a really really great donut place by the Quigley's house. I'm not a big donut person, I've become more so since living in Provo and partaking many donuts from Provo Bakery. But these donuts put even Provo Bakery's to shame. Oh man, those maple bars!

The kids all helped put the candles on.

Izzy helping with the lighting.

How great is that cake!?!

I got so much love from these kiddos! 

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