Sunday, November 29, 2015

Park City Family Get-away

Near the beginning of October we took a little (one day, close by) family trip. We took the kids to Park City to stay the night in a hotel and explore the city.  We've always felt fortunate that, between traveling to visit family and going on trips with Rob's parents, we enjoy our fair share of trips. However, very little of that time is spent with just our little family and we thought we should do better at trying to get a trip in with just the four of us. The kids were so excited and so were we!

Henry and June packed and ready to go.

Henry kissing the hotel.

Our traveling fortune is made even better because we benefit from Rob's parents' time share ownership. Check out this amazing two-story four bedroom condo we stayed in. Pretty ridiculous for our little family for just one night, but really fun too.

The first few minutes running around and exploring the hotel space was a lot of fun for us all.

Mexican food for dinner, we chose this place for it's salsa bar.

Our favorite part of the trip was the time we spent at night in the hotel! We swam in the pool for about a second before we got too cold, played a couple games, and watched a movie (with lots of movie snacks!)

Henry attempted to take a picture with me but couldn't look away from the movie screen long enough.

The night was actually awful. The kids barely slept, when they did it was mostly in our room - so we needed even less of those four bedrooms! It was all better once morning came though.
(June eating her breakfast at the big table)

Exploring Park City's downtown.

Lunch at a downtown pizza place.

Olympic Park. Some of the events from the 2002 Olympic games took place here and now it's a training facility, museum, and you can pay to do various activities like skiing down these slopes into a pool.

(These art pieces are from the 2002 Olympic opening ceremonies)

And this gem of Junie, "what the heck!?"

It was a really fun little trip, we're glad we have the memories. The kids loved staying in a hotel and ask to go again, June still sees the picture of the movie snacks and asks us to do it again.

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