Sunday, November 29, 2015

Pumpkin Farm

Henry has a Friday play group with a few friends. Once a month we have an outing and in October our outing was to a nearby pumpkin farm. We've been to this farm in Springville a few times and it's pretty good. I really regret not going to the pumpkin farm until this outing. Prior to this week we had three weeks of amazing weather - warm but with a slight Fall chill. I wasted those weeks - I was burnt out from being outdoors all summer so we pretty much stayed inside when we should have been on walks, at the park, and at the pumpkin farm. Oh well!

This "corn pit" was our favorite thing last year, the kids loved it and so did I. This year was a different story just because we went on a really really cold day and the corn was extra cold. Last year we went on a really warm day so it was nice to have the cool kernels to dig my feet into! Of course the kids, who never mind the cold as much as adults, still had a great time.

The hay ride went right through the field of corn stalks.

Two year old June thinks she's part of the four year old playgroup, it's so cute. She's pretty much obsessed with these kids.

Our family extended the fun by going out to lunch afterwards - eating out as a family (Rob joined us on our outing and for lunch) this is a rarity but my sisters gifted us a Burger Supreme gift card when they visited so we were able to have this special treat! So fun!

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