Monday, August 3, 2009


I want to post some of our pics from the 4th of July - only a month late. Alicia posted pictures of all the family and fun - so there's just a few of those here.

I love this one of Aidan. Everything's more fun with him around.

We've been coming to Kayak Point for Independence Day for over 15 years. For the last 5 or so, my dad has made sure we get the same covered shelter. We're picky - and suckers for tradition.
Some kayaking happened, but not by most of us. Kayaking used to be the main event of the day, but that's changed and for the first year, my dad left the majority of kayaks at home and just brought 2 of them. I think this red one was the only one used. I guess we're not such the suckers for tradition.

Greyson starting something with the seaweed. He should watch out...

Wait for it...
Nice one, Grandpa Bruce.

Our friends, the McDonnels, joined us at Kayak Point, which was really fun for us. They brought baby Collin who didn't quite enjoy his first dip in the Puget Sound.
That evening, to honor our great country we went to a tribal casino. Then, to put a cap on our celebrations, we went to a parking lot carnival to ride the ferris wheel.

Rob was pretty bummed he didn't go on this charming ride

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