Sunday, August 23, 2009

Twin Falls

We hiked Twin Falls, near North Bend, a couple of weeks ago and it turned out to be our first rainy hike. It was bound to happen, with summers in the Great Northwest being as they are, and it made the hike refreshing and a little exciting. I decided that these falls are the prettiest, but I'm not sure what is so twin about them.

Like most of Western Washington hikes, this trail was covered overhead by trees. So, by the time we got to the falls we were still mostly dry.

We went beyond the falls about a mile or so, where there was less of a tree covering. So, by the end of the hike we looked like this:


monica said...

that looks like fun. i still want to go on a hike!! can we?

Julie said...


Olivia Carter said...

I'm jealous of these fab hikes you guys have been going on. Looks beautiful!

Laurel said...

You guys are always doing something fun. I think that's awesome. Those falls are beautiful. I love the picture of you walking ahead on the path.