Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Gazaam Lake Hike

A couple weeks ago we took a hike with Simon and Torsten over on Bainbridge Island. Now one might think that the quality of hikes might not be too high on such a small, flat and elitist Island, and you are probably right. But it turned out to be a fun afternoon with the boys.

The whole time we were worried about the coyotes and owls -- spooky scary!

So the guidebook told us that the hike to Gazaam Lake was about 2 miles and that once we got there, we would want to spend some time wading in the water. While on the trail, I saw a body of water about 500 feet into the hike, and thinking that it couldn't be Gazaam Lake, I continued on convinced that it would be later on the trail.

So we walked...

and walked...

and walked...

and talked...

About the time that I thought we were going to hit the lake, we actually hit another trailhead and an exit for the trail. Figuring that we must have missed the turn somewhere, we ventured back until we ran into the lake that I saw at the beginning of the trail.

We figured that this must be the wading spot, so we let the boys wade. Then we heard a scream and found this:

Rescue was needed. Best part of the video: Rob Screaming, Torsten: "This is not how I expected my hike to go", Simon: "This is awesome" and "I wanna walk on the wood, too!"

Torsten was a little dirty after that:

But we smiled to make Mom think we were having fun:

We spared Torsten the duty of stripping down to get in the car, but we did make him sit on the blanket.

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monica said...

how did he even fall in that vat of mud in the first place??

my word verification is 'ectivero' sounds like a harry potter spell