Sunday, August 30, 2009

itty bitty tomatoes

This Spring I planted some tomatoes, and the plant actually stayed alive to produce these little guys:

I don't like tomatoes enough to pop these into my mouth whole, but I felt a little foolish slicing them for my sandwich!

In other produce news, our friends Anna and Christopher Krey gave us a bag full of vegetables when we left their house a couple of weeks ago. The Kreys are members of "Community Supported Agriculture." They buy a share in a local farm, then pick up a bag of just-picked produce every week during the growing season. This was my first introduction to the idea, despite it not being news for most of the people I've talked to about it. I think this is the CSA they support. I'm not going to become a member, but I think it's really cool for people who are concerned with eating organic and/or locally grown produce. I'm not big into the organic piece, and feel only a little guilty for not putting more emphasis into the grown-locally aspect (I like the idea of supporting local growers, but feel there are more sides to the debate for the economical and environmental effects of not buying local). ANYWAY... I thought the CSA was cool!

I also thought it was cool to have a bag full of zucchini, onion, carrots and beets (thanks, Kreys!). Just look at the colorful carrots:



monica said...

hhahah 'attack'!

Olivia Carter said...

I dig those carrott colors-lovely.

And I like CSA's but we're too broke for one. Like you, not so much for the organic asspect but for the supporting local growers.