Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Camping in Chelan

Our road trip was a couple of months ago and we still haven't posted about everything we did. Rob put up some nice posts from a couple stops, so I thought I'd share about Lake Chelan. Our last stop in our 4-stop trip.

We thought about going to the lake, finding a hike, or some other outdoor adventure. But, we had had enough of that during the previous days on our trip and decided, instead, to hit up the water park! It didn't have a wave pool or, my absolute favorite thing in the whole entire world, a lazy river, but it had some really fun slides that entertained us for a few hours.

After setting up camp (again) we went into town to see Toy Story 3 here:

and we sat here: (edge of the balcony)
and my handsome husband is right here:

Chelan is a cute cute town. We didn't see much of it, but I do recommend visiting. We camped at the State Park which was okay. Our spot was not private at all, which can be a bummer (because it doesn't feel like camping and can be a little awkward), but there are plenty of private sites that I'm sure you have to call way ahead for. It was another warm night (the previous night, in Oroville, had been warm too, but both nights in Manning were very cold), in fact we woke up to a very warm tent. The sun was right on us and it was a frantic, desperate, couple moments of trying to breathe the outside air. I had decided to start changing before it hit me fully and I wouldn't let Rob open the tent door. He had to stick his mouth up to a crack in the tent window to breathe in some outside air. I thought it was funny, and very classic of camping.

The only picture we have of this campsite:
Rob playing around with the camera (something about F Stop mumbo jumbo)

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