Sunday, August 22, 2010


This last week Steph and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary. Since we felt the end of our summer fast approaching and didn't want to quite give it up, we decided that we would get out of town one last time. We used some credits that we got from a trip that we booked on Hotwire, and got a hotel in Portland.

After arriving in Portland, we hopped on the light rail in search for some food. We were hoping to eat off of one of the many food carts that they have downtown, but unfortunately most of them were closed at that time of night. We did however, run across an Indian festival that was happening in town:

There was lots of cheap food. We decided on Pakora and a Mango Lassi. A good choice:
After we just walked around downtown. Portland is big, but it never feels busy.
The next morning we headed across the river to take a trip on the aerial tram. The aerial tram has a cool view, but unfortunately just goes up to the hospital. Once you get up, you pretty much have no choice but to come immediately back down.

After the aerial tram, we took a trip to Bunk Sandwiches, which we saw featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. The shop was pretty small, but had a really cool vibe. And we loved the Cuban Sandwich that we had -- mostly because of the Beaver's Hot Sweet Mustard that we dipped it in.

I forgot to mention that we visited Portland on the hottest day of the year. To avoid the 95 degree heat of 1 in the afternoon, we went to the Avalon theater to see a cheap screening of the Karate Kid.

I have been talking trash about the new Karate Kid for a while -- mostly because it represents a lot of what is evil about Hollywood these days. But you know what? That movie is really good. Easily one of the best times that I've had at the movies this year.
The best part of the trip was that I got to spend a fun day with my wife. Here she is:

She is the coolest girl that I know, and a person that I have been privileged to spend the last two years with. They have been full of adventures, and I can wait to see what the rest of our time together will bring.


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monica said...

fun trip. great pictures.

kaitlin said...

um stephanie you look great in that last picture.
and again, you guys do such fun THINGS in your lives. hope i'm cool like that.

Natalie said...

You can do cool stuff when you don't have kids yet! Well now I want to see Karate Kid, cause if Rob liked it then it must be good!

Natalie Braithwaite said...

Freak!!! You guys are soo cute!