Friday, July 22, 2011

Happier baby on the block

Henry is getting happier. And although he's always been a generally happy baby, we're so grateful that some things are getting even easier.

For example, he use to enjoy his evening bath only occasionally. Not on this occasion:

Now, this is usually what we see.

Thank goodness, too, because the idea of the bath is three fold 1) Daddy-time (I get so much skin-on-skin contact with Baby and this gives Rob a chance to too), 2) help calm him for bedtime, and 3) as a piece of a predictable routine for bedtime, to help him anticipate a (hopefully) long night sleep. Now that he enjoys it every evening, reason #2 is actually the case and makes ME feel a lot better.

Henry used to hate (I don't really know if he hated it. I can only guess from his reaction) getting his diaper changed. This stopped at about one month - but he still didn't like getting his clothes changed. Then at two months that stopped. Now, the changing table is one of his favorite places in the house! He's such a happy baby there! It's fun because in the morning when he's on it, he's still stretching from his (sometimes) long night sleep, which is funny to watch. It is also at a good height for us to talk and interact with him.

Naked baby.

So fun!

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kaitlin said...

that last picture!!
what a big darling smile.