Thursday, July 21, 2011

Utah trip. part 1 (we'll see if I get to the other parts!)

We. love. Utah.
We both went to school there, so Utah is full of fond memories and important friends and we were so excited to go back and visit after 2 years since the last time we were there. Thanks to friends there and on the way, we know we can easily get down there and have a place to stay. To be honest, once we get there we think, "now what do we do?" But seeing friends and enjoying some sun is the best way to spend a vacation!

I'll dedicate this post to the friends we saw, since that really was the motivation to make the trip and what made it so great. We were so very excited to see our friends' babies and to show off our own! Unfortunately, we don't have pictures with everyone we visited (and ran into!) - but here's a taste...

Nyssa Farmers - who were patient with all of Henry's "burp up," as Kade called it

 The Bybees - kiddos pictured here. We want more of that food, ps.

 Drew Danburry - I just love this picture. Also Lynnette
 Jessica - she actually lives in Sundance. I didn't know people did that
 Jorgensens - splendid evening, in every way. Finally got to meet that Scandinavian Baby!

 Provo Farmers - so glad I got to see you ladies!

I can't believe it, that's all the pictures we got. How did we miss everyone else (even Linds!):
Lindsay (lots and lots of time with LJ!), Nathaniel & Angie (aka. future newlyweds), the Maddocks' (that Heaton = Q.T.), Emily (1/2 of future newlyweds), Esther & Family (even the one in her belly, we just didn't know it yet!), Liv & kids (Robby's smile killed me), Tara & girls (so fun and funny), Rachel (fun surprise!), Julian (Rob didn't make me come - they talked video-geek-talk), President & Sister Cameron (my mission pres). More?

We also just barely missed some friends - Michelle, Cindy, the Sanders. More?

So so glad all of you still live in Utah so we can see you all in one trip! Thanks so much for making the time, making the beds, and making the food!


kaitlin said...

luckily lindsays face is barely in the corner of that last picture.

so fun to see you guys!!!

Monica said...

look at all those provo farmers. how fun, i would love a trip like this.