Saturday, July 23, 2011

Utah trip. Best afternoon.

My main contribution on the "list of things to do in Utah" that we made before our trip (literally) was to go to a park in the canyon and lay down. I love Provo Canyon and I love laying in parks. Napping in parks is even better.

Another item on our list was to visit Bridal Veil Falls, which is in Provo Canyon. So, that's the park we chose to also lay down in. So glad I got my wish - it was the best afternoon: in the canyon, with my boys.

Me and Henry - yes, he's in there - at the Falls.

Bridal Veil Falls is often pretty crowded, as it was on this afternoon, but there were some grassy spots near the trail that felt a little more secluded. Perfect for laying.

Henry waking up from a cozy stay in the baby carrier. 
This is the Infant Insert that we put him in until he's big enough to be in the Ergo without it. We call it his taco.

After waking up he played with us for a good hour. Goodness, we are so entertained by that boy!
He loves squatting and standing.

Then... we layed.

Thanks, Provo Canyon.

Short video of the fun and magic of the afternoon.

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