Saturday, July 2, 2011

Henry is 2 months

Our little boy Henry is 2 months old today. He is getting bigger and more fun all of the time. We recently put him to the test by taking him on a trip to Utah. He was a champ and he had a good time meeting some honorary Aunts and Uncles (special thanks to Farmers, Lindsay and Nathaniel for letting us crash at your place).

Here is some things we love about Henry right now:
  • He has started smiling and he makes fun little noises when you play with him.
  • He is still sleeping about as well as he did during the first month. Stephanie typically will get up twice during the night to feed him (did I mention that I am ever grateful for this woman? She seriously kicks all kinds of butt).
  • He gets pretty fussy right around 8 or 9pm -- we usually take him for a walk around the neighborhood which does a pretty good job of calming him down.
  • Me and Henry take a bath or a shower every night. Sometimes he likes it -- sometimes he is inconsolable.
  • He is still super noisy when he sleeps and we've found that we have a hard time sleeping in the same room with him.
  • He goes down for naps pretty easily and he does a good job of letting us know that he's tired.
  • His eyes are definitely blue.
We love this boy a lot and I am so excited that I get to spend some time off this summer hanging with him.


Monica said...

i love these pics. great set up. he sure is getting big!

Natalie said...

cute outfit! His face looks so different in this one compared to the one month! so cute!

meredith said...

Our Henry is so noisy at night too! He makes the craziest noises! You have a dang cute baby.