Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August menu

I just posted about July's menu - and since I have August's menu ready, I thought I'd go ahead and do that one too! Of course, it's tentative - there's usually a couple meals I never end up getting to (especially this month since we're going to Hawaii for 10 days!!)- but what do you care?! A lot of these recipes will be new for me, or yet to be located (anyone have a good slow-cooker carnitas recipe?). So, sorry about that.

I should say one more thing: I'm a Weight Watcher. However, not a very good one as far as dinners are concerned. I try to choose meals with healthy ingredients in general. I'm also always cutting down on the amount of cheese and oil in the recipe and swapping other ingredients. I figured out the "points plus" for a couple of my favorite meals from last month (pad thai and honey-lime enchiladas) and, oh boy! Next time I make those I'll either have to plan the rest of my points around them, make them healthier, or just eat a smaller serving!).
*My goal for the month was to create a menu without much oven time - with the weather heating up (a little).
    I'm experimenting with ways to store and organize recipes I find online. I definitely use recipes I find online all the time (as evidenced by this and the previous post). I don't want to always be printing out recipes to store. Instead, I just put the laptop on the counter and work from there. I tried Pinterest for about a month and although it's a cool idea, it won't serve all my needs. Right now I'm testing out Evernote. At school we use OneNote, which would be perfect, but I don't have a copy at home and can't use my school account at home because I have a Mac here. Evernote seems to be the closest to it (plus, it's free).

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