Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Henry at 3 months

Today our little Henry turns 3 months. It's been a fun summer around the Nyland house, and I am grateful to have a job that allows me to take some time off to spend time with my new son.

Henry is at his most fun right now. He is so curious about the world and loves to constantly be looking around. His legs and arms are super busy and it is fun to have him lay on his mat and practice his flaps and kicks. Here are some things that are going on with Henry right now:
  • His nights are about the same as they were before. He usually goes down around 10 and will wake up 1-2 times during the night (Although he has thrown us a couple of curveballs: He slept through the night once last week, and last night he woke up 4 times! -- not okay, son!)
  • He is not spitting up as much as he used to, but we still make people sign a waiver when they want to hold him (we are not responsible for dry cleaning costs)
  • He is still using a swaddle to help him sleep (without it, his hands would keep him up all day), but lately he has figured out that the swaddle means that we want him to go down for a nap. Most of the time he doesn't go easily -- I think it's the toughest thing that we are facing right now.
  • We are still taking showers and baths every night -- I think he still only tolerates it.
  • He has a little play gym that he can lay on and look up. He loves to grab on the rings that hang down and look at himself in the funhouse mirror.
  • When he is not distracted by something else, he will follow us with his head (albeit on a 1-second delay) as we move around the room.
  • His hair is coming back (although receding on the sides now), we are still not sure if it is blonde.
  • He is a strong boy -- he loves to stand and sit with my help
  • He has a big smile, and loves making funny little noises. I have also recently discovered that he is ticklish and every now and then I can elicit an nice big screaming laugh from him (it may be mean, but it is so cute)
I guess we could go on and on. But the main thing is that this boy is our life now, and we love him. Happy 3 months Henry!

For comparison, here is month one and month two.

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