Tuesday, August 2, 2011

July's menu

My menu planning is very simple. I don't like to assign meals to specific days because I want to be able to be more flexible than that. For many reasons. Last month's main reason I needed flexibility was because of the poor weather - just didn't feel like making the grilled meal when it was raining outside (yep, it rained all throughout July, with very few exceptions).

So, instead, I make a list of meals and just cross them off as I make them. This allows me to still grocery shop for the month and avoid major what-are-we-going-to-eat-tonight dilemmas. Another thing I started this month was to put an * next to the meals that had produce that would soon go bad, and I ate those meals first.

One last feature of my menus - I only plan about 14-16 meals. With family dinners, date nights, church functions, etc., we don't eat at home every night of the week. Other nights I just pull something out of the pantry rather than have a predetermined meal from the list.

Okay - here are the meals from last month with links to the recipes for those that have them. I recommend all the recipes, unless I note otherwise (I mainly use two cooking blogs - Jamie Cooks It Up, introduced to me by Kendra and Mel's Kitchen Cafe, introduced to me by Alicia. My mother-in-law just gave me the Our Best Bites cookbook, so next month's menu has a ton from their site).

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