Sunday, August 7, 2011

Some Firsts

A couple of weeks ago we decided to take the ferry home from Silverdale (where Rob's parents live - it's across the water from Seattle) instead of drive home like we usually do. It was a really nice day and I wanted cute pictures of Henry's first ferry ride!

And then he slept the whole time.
 Oh well.

Here's a cute one of us instead.


We had checked the weather report on a Sunday which forecasted sunny skies for the following day. Perfect for a hike - Henry's first! The forecast ended up being a sham, and when the payoff for a hike that is uphill the whole way is supposed to be a view at the top, it can be a little disappointing when it's completely foggy. But, as always, still fun, and I still felt good after the hard work.

Here's the view. At the top is a launch for paragliding. The place is called "Poo Poo Point." Really. And yes, Henry took the name literally. No pictures of that, though.
 Me, feeding the baby. It was rainy and cold. It sounds like I'm complaining, but it wasn't bad.
Rob and The Boy.

I don't know what this is for.
 Henry, asleep on the way down. It's such hard work being carried four miles in a baby carrier.

The last "First"...

Mommy's first hickey.

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