Sunday, June 24, 2012

Switzerland Trip: Appenzell

Today we went to Appenzell which is a neat city up in the hills. It has cool traditionally decorated buildings and beautiful surroundings of rolling hills and old homes. We drove up during the afternoon to have a picnic lunch, walk around the downtown and visit the cheese factory.

Scenes around Appenzell:

 I bought a couple small gnomes for Henry here:

 Switzerland's public fountains are also drinking fountains - really!
Our picnic at the park.Our lunch consisted of bread, meat and cheese. Rob said he wouldn't mind eating that meal for the rest of the two weeks we're here.

Up the hill a little ways at the cheese factory:

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Natalie said...

Keep posting! We are loving reading all about your time there. Looks like Henry is doing great and enjoying himself. That's crazy that the fountain is actual drinking water.