Sunday, June 24, 2012

Switzerland Trip: Day 1 (exploring Monica's city)

My first impressions of Monica & Jachen's house and city were that the house is as cute (and small) as I thought it would be and the city is even cooler than I thought it would be.

Henry loves exploring his new surroundings - here he is taking all the tea-bags out of the pantry. It smells really good in there now.
Outside the front door.

The next few pictures are from our first walk around Rorschach. We'll probably take more of these walks everyday we're here, so there should be a lot of pictures on the blog. The weather last night, when these pictures were taken, was beautiful. So far we've lucked out with the weather!

We grabbed kebab wraps for dinner and at them next to the lake. Mmm, it was quite good. And really big. There are a bunch of kebab places in the city, an apparently all over this part of Switzerland. It's like how Seattle has a ton of teriyaki places. Who would have guessed?
Back at Monica's and playing with some of Jachen's old toys before bed.

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kaitlin said...

mm they had kebab's in germany too- one of the best parts really. they were kind of different than those ones, but either way the same mystery meat with veggies and good bread. SO GOOD.

and wow just went through a few posts at once and i have a few things to say.

1. you guys did great with henry, i mean he seemed pretty entertained most of the time and that is a feat.
2. he is a doll. i hope i see him soon because it's been too long.
3. i just loved all of the pictures - thanks for making them bigger for the posts, i appreciated it.