Saturday, June 23, 2012

Switzerland Trip: Getting there (flying with a 13 month old)

After months and months of planning and looking forward to this trip... we're finally here!

But... first we had to get there. I was super nervous about the 13 hour trip (5 hrs to NYC + 8 hrs to Zurich) so I read a lot of blogs about airplane travel with babies and followed the advice about toys, food, etc.

In turned out I was a little over prepared with too many toys and too much food because the most helpful preparation was to bring Benadryl. It didn't knock Henry out or anything, but I'm pretty sure he was able to sleep during his regular nap time and during the night because of it. During his awake times the plane's magazines, buttons and windows were enough to keep him happy (plus a lot of media time on his ipod).
In Seattle before boarding. He loves these floor to ceiling windows with so much to see outside!

 Napping on my lap.

Watching a little in-flight entertainment.

 Pulling magazines out - he did this about 20 times.

We could never have afforded to buy Henry his own seat, but he sure did like borrowing mine.

During our 3 hour layover in NYC. More cool windows.

Our only picture from the long flight to Zurich. 
Henry was awesome and slept, but Rob and I didn't. Henry is under a blanket that is over him in order to block out the light - the blanket Henry would bat away from him in his sleep. So, we had to keep it away off his body, which is why it's tied around my neck and clipped to Rob's shirt sleeve! It was pretty dang bright with a tv right above our seat - I at least had an eye mask but poor Rob didn't.

We're so happy to be here in Switzerland with my sister, Monica and her husband Jachen. We're especially happy that the flight went well with Henry and that we now to get to sleep in a bed!

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Shannon said...

so glad the flight went well. but over prepared than under prepared.

When going home ask if the flight is full. I know it probably is, but ask. If it's not full, they'll switch your seats so Henry can have his own seat. One time when a flight wasn't full I was able to bring my toddler's car seat on the plane and he'd stay buckled in during his nap! You may already know this...

Have so much fun.

I've loved being there "with" you through your instagram photos.

next up Italy....enjoy!