Saturday, June 30, 2012

Trip to Switzerland: Day 3 (Sunday drive and a Swiss meal)

I didn't post these pictures the day we took them, so now it's many days later and I just can't bring myself to write anything about this day. Basically, Switzerland is beautiful. So beautiful that I decided to make these pictures extra large to prove it.

Here are some pictures from our drive that we took after church on Sunday. The drive is not far from where Monica and Jachen used to live.

We went to this meadow and had a picnic lunch. Doesn't that sound like something one would do in Switzerland: have a picnic lunch in a meadow?

Here's what we ate on our picnic lunch. Curry flavored turkey slices - very good. Rob's dream of eating bread with cheese and meat every day on this trip is beginning to come true.

Dad, this one is for you - there was a classic (classic doesn't even seem to describe it) car show near the Santis Mountain. We didn't see the actual show, but this beautiful old Bentley was in the parking lot - the parking lot! That should say something about the quality of the cars that were there.

This is how Henry has been enjoying the long scenic drives we've been taking on our trip:
And that night we ate raclette, a traditional Swiss meal, reminiscent of fondue. The cheese gets melted at the bottom on personal-sized frying pans and while you're waiting for the cheese to melt (which you will then pour onto boiled potatoes), eat some other finger foods like pickles or fry yourself up some bacon on the top of the grill. I think Rob said it best, "I like a country that has so much cheese it needs new and interesting ways to prepare it."

Henry is really enjoying his time with Monica and Jachen. He must have realized these were the same two who talk to him on Skype, because he has never warmed up to anyone so quickly! It's so fun and heartwarming to see the three of them together and know this is how he's going to get to know them.

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