Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How We Met...

Stephanie and Mine's relationship goes back to 2004. We lived within a block of each other in Provo and as such were in the same ward. We have brief recollections of one another. I think I may have had a conversation with her once while she was waiting to meet with the bishop, she thinks she may remember me playing the bass guitar during a ward talent show. Regardless, we were both so wrapped up in our own group of friends that we never got to know one another (since then we have decided that it was probably better off that way).

We stumbled upon each other again in the summer of 2006. Stephanie had just graduated from BYU and had moved back home to prepare for graduate school at the UW. I had taken a job in Seattle for the summer at a computer camp on UW campus. On my first Sunday in the University 3rd Ward, I didn't know anyone. Stephanie, despite the fact that she lived well outside of the ward boundaries, decided to attend the University 3rd Ward as well. When Sunday School rolled around, I sat down next to her and thought she looked familiar. I said, "I think I know you. Is it Esther?" She informed me that Esther was her roommate while we were in Provo together (she also informed me later that Esther was the roommate that every boy was in love with so it was typical that I should remember her name). We chatted a little bit and soon for some reason or another, I latched onto Stephanie for that summer. She always let me sit by her in church and she would give me a ride to FHE. We never went on a date (I was far too busy cleaning up after kids), but I did get her phone number towards the end of the summer (I had intended to ask her out -- I swear! -- but it never happened).

After the summer ended, I returned to BYU to complete my second year of graduate school. Randomly one day while I was sitting in class, I sent her a text message. From there we started communicating by email. We hung out a bit during Thanksgiving break that year, and went on our first date of sorts during Christmas. I liked Stephanie, but at the time wasn't keen on entering into a long distance relationship. She agreed and we kept in contact over the next quarter. Then in March, during her school break she came to visit me in Utah (she says that she came to visit her friends -- It was just coincidental that I lived there). Within a few days of being around her, I was in her spell and we decided that we would give it a go no matter what.

I guess we are still going.