Thursday, August 13, 2015

Rain walk

We had the most glorious morning storm, so welcome amidst 90 degree days! As the rain was dying down we put on our raincoats and (snow) boots and headed out to walk in the gutters down our street. After our walk they discovered the new effect sidewalk chalk takes on wet pavement. 

An evening in Provo Canyon

Rob was gone for the evening so I took the kids into Provo canyon for an impromptu evening of bike riding, rock throwing, and a light picnic. The canyon is always a magical place, Provo's gem. Tonight felt extra special just being there with my kids on such a beautiful evening. 


Sunday, August 2, 2015

June's 2nd Birthday

Happy birthday to our big girl! We were lucky to have family in town - the Lismarie and the kids (Nyland cousins) were coming into town and so Grandma Nyland came with them so she could be here for June's birthday! It was really fun to see June realize it was her birthday and what a birthday is. She knew she would have cake and blow out candles, I think the presents and everything else were extra surprises for her. 

I turned some pastel balloons into cats and dogs (or, as June calls them, "me-oh" and "woah-ee") since I was also going to be doing cat and dog cupcakes. June doesn't have a lot of favorites, mostly she just likes what big brother likes, but she has always liked dogs and cats are a new favorite.

June got so many presents! She was a gracious receiver, it was so cute to watch her open them. Her gifts: clothes (including the cutest pair of polka dot slip-on vans shoes), Minnie Mouse guitar, Paw Patrol plush doll, Duplos, stack-able penguin, pull-along puppy, a couple books, and a balance bike.  

Her curious face as dad brought out the last gift (bike)

Grandma Nyland brought June's cake all the way from Washington, it's a Nyland family traditional popcorn cake

Her cat and dog cupcakes. 

Most of the cousins eating the birthday treats.

After the gifts and cake we watched June's birth video. I love the tradition of watching their birth videos on their birthday, I'm so grateful to have those (and grateful for a talented husband who made them).

Happy birthday June June! We love you so much! You're already so full of personality - so sweet, so funny, so spunky. I love how much and how well you love all of us: giving hugs to mommy, getting so excited when daddy comes home, instigating wrestling matches with your brother. Whenever someone tells me how cute you are (they do all the time), I always say that I agree, that you kill us with your cuteness. I love that you have my big blue eyes, it's fun to share that trait with you. You're such a smart little girl, you always amaze us with what you know and how fast you pick up on songs and other things that you hear. You want to be so big and have learned to do so much all by yourself. We really love how good of a sleeper you are, it's an amazing thing to have a little one who enjoys her bed and to know that when you go to bed you're going to stay asleep until morning!  You're just starting to need more of everyone's attention which is why we're just starting to deal with some tricky behaviors. We're a little nervous for what it means for age 2 (and 3...) but we know the future will bring so much more love from you and so much more enjoyment of our wonderful girl!