Wednesday, May 27, 2009

four days

We had a really great Memorial Day weekend consisting of...

Bike rides in Granite Falls

Camping, just the two of us, for the first time

Goober hotdog (cheese, mayo, pb) at Cranky J's Soda Shoppe

lazy Sunday evening

Not pictured: movie night w/ Scott and Arren, more morning bike rides with my dad, Monday bbq with friends and their brand new baby boy, Angels and Demons, watching movies on the couch, Old fashion soda (chocolate rootbeer was one out of the 4 we tried!), lounging at the pool, wearing flipflops all weekend long...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

summer is only 2 months away!

How sad is that. While everyone in Utah blogs about the summer goings-on, we still have 2 more months. But boy, are we geared up.

Rob made plans to get our $5 bikes ready for riding when we found out that my dad beat us to it! He surprised us by taking them in to his favorite bike shop. Now they have new seats, tires, even handle bars. I'm just happy that some experts were able to replace the rusty chain and assure me that it was safe to ride. I rode a bike about 9 months ago, and before that it was about 19 years ago, so I may be just a little apprehensive.
It's too bad you can't see Rob's bike too well in this picture. It's the cooler one of the two. It's also the cushy-seat one, old-school ten-speed one, and rust-free one of the two. There will be many more pictures of these bikes once the weather turns nice, and maybe by that time I'll have convinced someone to spray paint my bike. I'm not good at spray painting. I didn't know it was hard to do until I tried to spray paint some poles we used at our reception.

The other sign of the upcoming summer is my attempt to grow living plants. For Family Night (we're going to start calling it Nyland Night) we bought a few plants: (L to R) Lavendar, Geranium, Rosemary, Sweet Basil, and Cherry tomato. This is basically my first attempt to grow anything. I tried to choose the varieties that are a little more forgiving of rookie gardening. I am most doubtful about the tomatoes, and we'll see how the rest do.
(ha, I just mentioned the poles at our reception - those poles went into these pots.)

PS. Crap Fest:

Monday, May 4, 2009

crafty weekend visitors

To thank us for letting them crash at our place for the weekend, Lynette let me choose one of the beautiful bags that she crafts and sells. I was pretty excited, because I had my eye on one of the clutches during her husband's concert where she was selling some of her collection. Isn't it lovely?

Check out how talented she is by visiting her etsy shop. You'll wonder how I ever made a choice!